Storage units

Storage units fulfil an important function within any educational institution. Whether they are used in a classroom, a staff room, or individual offices, storage units provide the necessary space to stow away lesson materials, as well as students’ and staff’s individual belongings.

This selection contains the best school storage units from EFG, a pan-European manufacturer, whose origins lie in Sweden. These designs marry understated form with practicality, and a touch of Nordic elegance. The wide range of ‘EFG Classroom storage’ furniture includes tall cupboards, open shelves and compartments, as well as chests of drawers and sideboards, and even combination of two types of storage within a given product.

The lower and wider storage units in this range can be specified with a castor base, which facilitates easy transport of stored lesson material between classrooms. Additionally, all the storage units can also be finished in either in birch veneer,coloured laminate or a combination of both, creating user-friendly, highly adaptable and individual furnishings.

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