Storage furniture

Even if children aren’t confined to their room when they play, they do require a lot of space to store all their toys, books, clothes and accessories. Emphasis in kids’ storage furniture is placed on the ease of access, so that things can be tidied up and retrieved quickly, which means that the shelves and drawers are often relatively large.

‘debe.destyle Cabinet Combination’, designed by Mathias Demmer for De Breuyn, offers open shelves, closed drawers and small wardrobes in various sizes and colour combinations, while the modular, organically shaped ‘Build’, designed by Jack Godrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet for MOVISI, is built up of cells that can be either mounted on a wall, or stacked on top of one another to become a functional room divider.

LAGRAMA’s ‘KUBOX system’ storage furniture consists of a series of colourful drawers and shelves which can be stacked onto one another, creating either a relatively orderly cupboard, or a somewhat more imaginative landscape which could become part of children’s games. Thomas Maitz’s ‘PAULI’ for perludi merges a seat with a simple shelf, but also the possibility to once again stack these smaller wooden units to create more storage space.

Alexander Seifried’s ‘Famille Garage’, manufactured by Richard Lampert, is a wooden sideboard with four rows of brightly coloured plastic boxes, suitable not only for storing children’s toys and crayons, but also for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Martí Guixe’s ‘My first Office’ for Magis wraps shelves and a desk around a small central area, and, once suitably filled, it can become a part of the child’s imaginary play-world. Finally, ‘Nexus’ storage furniture, manufactured by Sudbrock, offers three elements: a shelf with coat hangers, a mirror and a small side cabinet, which are wall-mounted and can be arranged in countless possible ways.

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