Standing desks

As one would expect, standing desks are used while standing, and they make excellent furnishings for informal meeting spaces, relaxation areas, information points and meeting rooms, depending on the size of the desk, of course. They are often paired with lean stools or counter stools, but this is not strictly necessary.

A perfect example is Pekka Toivola’s ‘Chat’ standing desk, an understated, narrow desk with a glass tabletop, which is suitable for coffee breaks, as well informal brainstorming sessions. Not all standing desks are social, ‘Bricks Cubicle standing desk, designed by Robert Bronwasser for Palau, supported within an enveloping acoustic panel, is ideal for open offices when an employee has to make or take a telephone call.

Derek Hodgson’s ‘Pagod’ for Kinnarps is a high, circular, standing desk, equally suited to offices, canteens and libraries. Additionally, its tabletop includes gaps in the surface for cables. ‘20-06™ Round bar table’, a neutral, understated, aluminium affair, designed for emeco by British architectural firm Foster + Partners, and Carl Öjerstam’s ‘Cone’ for Materia, where a conical polyethylene leg holds up a circular, laminate tabletop, are equally universal, widely applicable solutions.

Inge Bohlin’s ‘Spot’, produced by Lillian Öberg, is specifically designed to serve as an information point either in a library, or a reception area, and comes in clusters of three standing desks arranged in a cloverleaf pattern. Lecterns can also double as individual standing desks. Alexander Schenk’s ‘pult’ for Tojo Möbel is a sober, angular, plywood design with a horizontal desktop, while Karim Rashid’s ‘Swish’ lecture stand is organically shaped, expressive, internally illuminated, and made from high-quality plastic with a tilted working surface.

And lastly, if you extend a height-adjustable office table enough, it becomes a large standing desk. This is demonstrated by the electrically controlled ‘Delta Flex - electric sit & stand frame’, manufactured by Swedstyle, which can not only adapt to the user’s preferred desk height, but also become a standing desk for meetings and breaks with a push of a button.

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