Space dividing storage

Space-dividing storage consists of cabinets, sideboards, cupboards and shelves conceived as an integral part of either semi-permanent partitions or acting as freestanding space dividers.

As a freestanding element, space-dividing storage doesn’t necessarily close off any spaces, but instead creates more focused, spatially differentiated areas within large, open-plan offices, for example. This is demonstrated by Studio Parade’s ‘Stuff’ space dividing storage, manufactured by spectrum meubelen, a series of shelves with colourful, fabric covers, which not only create a relaxed, calm atmosphere, but also improve the room’s acoustics.

Another approach is to use space-dividing storage as parts of office partitions, in which case it helps divide the space physically, acoustically, visually and functionally. Produced by ARLEX design and designed by Paolo Bandiera and Umberto Facchini, ‘Tabique Armario’ is a space-dividing storage system, where a comprehensive range of elements, such as cupboards, shelves and drawers, are combined with glass panels and doors to create practical and aesthetically pleasing office partitions.

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