Sevice trolleys

Service trolleys form an indispensable part of a gastronomy business, especially in larger venues and catering services. And although the range of solutions, from the more decorative to high-capacity, is large, all service trolleys in this selection are designed and manufactured to the highest standard.

Consider the large, multifunctional, tubular steel ‘Trolley’, launched in 1930 and today manufactured by Lichterloh. The shelves of this service trolley are made from wooden slats, and the rough, honest details imbue it with an industrial look. Gunilla Allard’s ‘Cargo’ for Lammhults combines a minimal steel-tube frame, leather handles and glass trays, recalling the more elegant modernist designs of the 1920s and 1930s.

Alfredo Häberli’s ‘SEC trolley car018’ for Alias combines an aluminium frame with a variable infill, and can be fitted with both closed or open compartments. Antonio Citterio’s, Toan Nguyen’s and Oliver Löw’s ‘Citterio wheel’ range of service trolleys for Kartell combines an elegant metal frame with clear, plastic surfaces, resulting in the oval ‘Gastone’, the rectangular ‘Flip’ and the folding ‘Battista’.

Rafa Ortega’s ‘CUbox Cod. 08062’ service trolley for do+ce is a part of a wider, modular system, from which benches, storage compartments and reception desks can all be assembled as well. And finally, Stephan Bolz’s and Valentin Hartmann’s ‘bordbar’, an airline service trolley redesigned for private use, comes with a whole array of unique features, such as bold graphics in ‘bordbar Pan AM edition worldmap solid’, rough aluminium finishes in ‘bordbar rivet rocker’, or battery-powered espresso makers in ‘bordbar wirelesspresso’.

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