Reclining sofas

Reclining sofas allow for one, or more of its sections, to be unfolded or repositioned into a reclining seat. This multi-functionality means that a compact space need not be furnished with additional pieces of furniture to provide a relaxing experience.

Roland Meyer-Brühl’s ‘roro ensemble’ is a range of modular, reclining sofa elements, whose surprisingly slender forms are carried by steel legs, and which unfolds and slides forwards in its frame to become a chaise longue. B&B Italia’s ‘Andy ‘13’, designed by Paolo Piva and Patrick Jouin’s ‘Mylo’ for Busnelli are slightly more restrained, offering a less pronounced transformation: a deeper, more reclined seat. The latter can also be electrically operated.

The EOOS-designed, Walter Knoll-manufactured ‘Blue Two Sofa’ has a static backrest, but its two generously upholstered armrests can be folded down to elongate the reclining sofa enough for its owner to lie down and stretch out, use the space as a side table or simply to seat more people.

Another possibility, demonstrated by Giorgio Soressi’s ‘Free Spirit’ reclining sofa, designed for Erba Itali: one of the seating panels on the far end of the sofa can be tilted, creating either a footrest or a small, reclining headrest, depending on the point of view.

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