Pods / Enclosed spaces

Pods and enclosed spaces are often found in break-out and waiting areas, offering a shelter from the activity “outside”. They either provide relief, peace and quiet, or a spot for a private conversation, making sure it will not disturb, or be disturbed by, others in the room.

PearsonLloyd’s ‘PARCS | Toguna Circle’ enclosed space for Bene can do both, though with its large, round upholstered bench, protected by circular acoustic panels, and an integrated TV screen, it seems to suggest itself more readily to informal meetings and brainstorming sessions.

‘Lodge’, an enclosed space designed by Ece Selamoglu and Oğuz Yalım for Nurus, is a large canopy spanning an upholstered bench, incorporating electrical outlets and an LCD screen, is just as suited to more informal meeting as well as relaxation, but slightly more open to its surroundings.

Urs and Carmen Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘LO Mindport Think Tank’ pod for Lista Office, recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award, is actually small meeting room with a glass front and a curtain to guarantee maximum privacy for its occupants.

Iuchi Kiyoshi’s ‘Japanese tea house’ pod for Deesawat is a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional, Japanese tea room, and is manufactured from teak and high-quality synthetic tatami mats. And lastly, Marie-Virginie Berbet’s ‘CalmSpace’ pod for Haworth is a closed, person-sized booth, which offers its user space for a private, refreshing power-nap, intended to boost productivity and work satisfaction.

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