Pergolas are garden features that cover an outdoor area to form, for instance, a shaded walkway or a sitting area. They can be freestanding and wholly self-supporting, or they can be attached to a building’s side. Pergolas consist of columns that hold up a lattice over which vines can grow, or various coverings can be applied.

Take Fischer Möbel’s ‘Woodline Piuma’ pergola, a rectangular sunshade spanning two support columns made from wood with joints materialised in extruded aluminium. Italian manufacturer Unopiù produces a wide range of the most diverse types of pergolas that will suit a wide range of tastes. The ‘Avantgarde Pergola’, for instance is a slender, minimalist design made made from powder-coated aluminium, while ‘Wave Pergola’ is a tunnel-like construction made from galvanised iron hoops that support a series of Nordic pine slats, creating a tunnel like covered sitting space.

Another design is the more traditional ‘Cap Ferrat’, a freestanding structure that features extendable panels at the top, but which can also be complemented with sliding, slatted panels along its edges. This design is also available in a multitude of colours. Lastly the ‘Solaire Pergola’ range is made from delicate iron elements, styled with charming curls that create a classical, but playful look.

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