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KEDRY PRIME, the brand-new pergola by KE, suitable for every outdoor space KE strengthens its worldwide presence proving to be one of the leading company in the solar shading scenario. Innovation, tasteful design, wide and extensive product range, customized solutions. These are the strong points of GENNIUS pergola system, which adds to its range the brand new KEDRY PRIME, a louvered blade shading structure in aluminium that protects from sun rays, wind, humidity and – thanks to the new movable system that channels rainwater to dedicated gutters – water. Extremely easy to install, Kedry Prime can be fit in any outdoor landscape: the pergola system has a special roof with adjustable blades which allows minimum height overall dimensions and enhances the structure linear design. Moreover, an integrated perimetral led lighting kit offer high level of customization for each customer most specific need. The structure can be closed with multiple door systems, designed as a protection to weathering. Due to the Vertika Gennius system, the pergola can be integrated with lateral and frontal drop-down awnings. Vertika Gennius offers an extensive variety of fabrics (transparent, filtering and darkening) to meet any lighting requirement. Once the roll-down awning is closed, it disappears entirely within the structure frame. In addition, the structure can be internally decorated with decorative drapes or curtains: a romantic and refined touch for those who really appreciated some privacy or a private space for their own. Maximum comfort is ensured with the latest state-of-the-art automation technology: smartphone and tablet apps allow the remote control of Kedry Prime, so the customer can close or open the roof at any weather variation. As far as energy saving is concerned, KEDRY PRIME, as all other GENNIUS products, suits customer requirements all year round: during winter, it reduces heat dispersion and allows an ideal control of room temperature. During summer, the pergola protects from harmful UV rays and contributes to reduce overheating, cutting down air conditioning usage as well. All Gennius products are tested and achieved the CE marking, as a guarantee of quality. KE guarantees a highly reliable and technological product, 100% Made in Italy, designed to enjoy the outdoor all year round, enhancing each environment with style. Technical details: GENNIUS KEDRY PRIME – aluminium shading structure with louvre blades, available in self-standing or against wall versions Perimetral side height: 23 cm Self-standing version in 450x600 cm dimensions with 4 columns Against-wall version in 450x600 cm with 2 columns Width-modular system and different production methods for any protrusions Optional: Dimmable white led lighting kit integrated inside perimeter and also in the plates Optional: Dimmable dyed led lighting kit integrated external perimeter Optional: Vertika Prime integrated up to 6 meters and entirely disappear in the structure frames Optional: Drapes on internal perimeter Blades distance 200mm with rotation up to 135° Concealed stainless steel fasteners


Bioclimatic KEDRY Pergolas:

KEDRY pergolas are equipped with an adjustable-bladed roof; they are designed to protect from sunrays, wind, humidity and – thanks to the careful design of movable elements – give a perfect shelter also in case of rain.

Modular and easy to install, bioclimatic KEDRY pergolas are easily adaptable to every kind of space: the structure is equipped with a louvered roof, in order to give a neater look and require less space. Furthermore, it can be integrated with a kit of LED lights on its perimeter.

KEDRY can be closed with different types of glass walls, designed to give shelter from all weather conditions. Moreover, thanks to the Vertika system, it can be integrated with side and front roller awnings. The rich variety of fabrics (transparent, filtering and blackout) allows having the desired sheltering level.

Furthermore, the maximum comfort possible is granted by its perfect automation: an App for smartphones or tablets allows the remote management, deciding its opening and closing hours and modes.

KEDRY pergolas, just like all KE GENNIUS range products, are useful in all seasons: during winter time, they help reducing heat losses and allow a better control over indoor temperatures; during summer, these structures work to optimise the impact of sunrays and contribute to reducing the environments’ overheating, limiting the usage of air-conditioners.

KE guarantees a highly reliable and enduring technological product, designed to make the outdoor space liveable all year round, improving every building with a touch of elegance. All Gennius products are tested and have obtained the CE marking, further quality assurance.