Pendant lights

Pendant lights feature a decorative lighting armature suspended from above and have long been a well-respected illumination staple. In gardens, pendant lights are often combined with pergolas and serve to illuminate extended living areas and outdoor kitchens among others. Although the products featured here are intended for outdoor use, due to their high-quality design and craftsmanship, they would not look out of place in a high-end residence or a private office.

Thomas Bernstrand’s ‘Shibuya Glass’, for instance, is a pared-down pendant lamp for ZERO, which places a round, textured-glass sphere around a light bulb, while Sputnik Estudio’s ‘Santorini White’ for Marset features white decorative fins surrounding the source of light that help to diffuse it more evenly. Team Design’s Panzeri-manufactured ‘Ralph 90’ is a pendant light whose lampshade is woven from high-quality synthetic fibres to resemble and match wicker furniture often used to furnish gardens.

MODO luce’s minimalist ‘Saponetta’ pendant light is a white, polyethylene prism that can be suspended from above, but can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling in a bid to increase its versatility. Claudio Piccini’s and Francesco Ciuli’s ‘Resort’ pendant light is equally austere, but its angular, corten steel armature gives it a rough, industrial appearance. Knut Bendik Humelvik’s and Rune Knøjgaard’s ‘Industrial Lamp pendant’ for NOR11 is suspended from two chains, and its factory-like shape provides an interesting contrast to its domestic setting.

Alex Fernandéz Camps and Gonzalo Milà designed ‘Syra’ pendant lamp for BOVER and added a delicate, synthetic fibre lampshade that softens the outcoming light. Lastly, Sune Jehrbo’s ‘Tuby Globe Light’ pendant light for Eleanor Home has an angled lampshade which makes it more suitable as an adjustable spotlight.

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