Office lights

Office lights constitute a diverse product group that combines functionality with efficiency and elegance. Although the consumer expectations of office lights are more or less constant, there are many ways to provide employees with well-lit working environment.

Some might turn to desk lights, such as Antonio Citterio’s and Toan Nguyen’s ‘Kelvin LED Base’ for Flos, an almost constructivist, adjustable office light made out of aluminium that uses the latest in energy-efficient LED technology. Another personal desk lamp, the Wästberg-manufactured ‘Chipperfield w102’, designed by the British architect David Chipperfield, is a sober, yet adjustable reinterpretation of the classic type made out of solid brass.

Floor lamps also make excellent office lights, whether they are serious, austere affairs, such as Ayal Rosin’s ‘Bar Office Standard’, which cantilevers a linear armature over working spaces, or Antonio Morello’s whimsical ‘DV300-Pop lamp’ by DVO, a small, sheet metal statuette of a resting bird that serves as the lamp’s light shade. Saldaña Rubén’s ‘Aurae LED’ for ARKOSLIGHT is a wall-mounted pad that uses the wall’s surface to reflect diffuse light back into space.

Hanging and pendant lamps are popular office lights too, with the more serious ‘Lateralo Ring’, a LED lamp designed by Hartmut S. Engel for Trilux, or Lightnet’s ‘Amorphicon P1|G1’, which has a has a curving, organic outline. Large open-plan offices can also be illuminated by lighting panels that can be integrated within false ceilings, such as Kreon’s ‘E-Down’ or Lightnet’s ‘Cubic G8|P8 [LED Acoustic] Microprismatic screen’ that also acts as an acoustic absorber, a serious boon to any busy office.

Lastly, small spotlights, such as FE Design’s smooth-bodied ‘Tools F19 F40 17’ by Fabbian or ARKOSLIGHT’s ‘Dot Square Tilt’ can be integrated within a suspended ceiling and function as office lights when used in larger numbers.

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