Garden sofas

Garden sofas are relaxed furnishings that extend living space to the outside. Their design is comfortable, robust and weather-resistant, and designers and manufacturers employ a great variety of forms and materials, resulting in an incredibly diverse product group.

Take Philippe Starck’s ‘Rayn Modular sofa system’ for DEDON, a pared down, elegant garden sofa with a base woven from high-quality synthetic fibre, complemented by plump, textile cushions. Another synthetic fibre garden sofa is Unopiù’s organically shaped ‘Mamy sofa’, which is crafted using traditional wicker-weaving technique. Also inspired by tradition is Deepdesign’s ‘Sirchester Divano Light’ garden sofa by Serralunga that takes on a shape of an old-fashioned chesterfield, but is made from rotational-moulded translucent plastic and features internal illumination.

Riva 1920’s ‘Log’ garden sofa, on the other hand, is a massive, hand-carved block of cedar wood. Another sculptural design, Salvador Dalí’s and Oscar Tusquets’s ‘Dalilips’ garden sofa, inspired by the former's famous surrealist painting of Mae West’s lips. This whimsical centrepiece is produced by BD Barcelona. Javier Mariscal’s rough ‘Piedras’ garden sofa by Magis is made from polyethylene and resembles an elongated, abstract rock.

Florian Asche returns to clean lines and modularity in his understated ‘LOOPy Sofa’ for April allterior, while Moredesign’s ‘Modì’ for MYYOUR goes even further and deconstructs the garden sofa into colourful base, seat and backrest modules that can be combined at will. Patrick Nourget’s ‘Khaima Sofa’ for Driade consists of a triangulated aluminium frame that accommodates a long, upholstered bench and a series of cushions. Patricia Urquiola’s ‘Canasta’ garden sofa for B&B Italia uses polyethylene fibre to weave a round base containing a mattress, cushions and an additional canopy for privacy and shade. Lastly, Karim Rashid’s ‘Blossy’ for Slide is a symmetrical, highly sculptural garden sofa that embraces the sitter in its bulky foam body.

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