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BED for LIVING Singolo
Bed for Living
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Product description

At first glance, the BED for LIVING SINGOLO looks similar to the DOPPIO. The difference becomes clear on closer examination: instead of a second slatted frame, a retractable metal bed drawer under the seat – or rather under the mattress – provides 10 x 70 x 176 cm of storage space for sheets, duvet and pillows. And as the foam-core mattress is turned over for sleeping, this piece of furniture offers a very hygienic, comfortable sleep system. The sleep cover is breathable and washable. Developed through our partnership with Bico AG, BED for LIVING SINGOLO ensures the highest quality of sleep.

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Every BED for LIVING is manufactured in Switzerland. ‘Made in Switzerland’ guarantees quality and durability. When designing a new product, SWISS PLUS examines the materials used according to the exact requirements and functions of the individual parts and includes them in the catalogue of requirements. Alongside design and quality, you will find that durability and functional reliability also have top priority in the catalogue of requirements. For these reasons, all BED for LIVING sofa-beds are fitted with a strong metal frame that does not diminish in quality over the years. And the collaboration with our mattress partner BICO gives every BED for LIVING incomparable sleeping and lying comfort. In addition to the individual choice of fabric and colour, BED for LIVING offers a variety of individual design options.
The size, number and positioning of the cushions are up to you and your imagination. The corresponding backrest elements are available in chrome, stainless steel or with a fabric cover. Choose between a wide variaty of feet options.