Elderly care chairs

There is not one chair that is fit for every purpose, and even within a fairly specialised category, such as elderly care chairs, there is a wide variety of types that cater to different users’ needs, though most of the products in this selection perhaps offer more comfort and stability than a chair not designed for this demographic.

Take Helge Taraldsen’s ‘Duun chair’ for Helland, an upholstered, elderly care chair made out of wood, with two sinuous armrests and optional wheels and a footrest. Frederik Torsteinsen’s ‘Modus Recliner chair’ by the same manufacturer has a more angular design, but also features an adjustable backrest and headrest.

Robert de le Roi’s beechwood ‘1505/4 Luca’ elderly care chair can be delivered with a folding tray attached to the armrests, ensuring both comfort and convenience for the user as well as the caretaker. Others, such as Tanju Özelgin’s ‘Joy’ for B&T Design, a stackable, tubular steel chair with an upholstered shell, available in a wide range of colours; or Zooey Chu’s ‘Riva’ for Casala, a light, folding, metal chair with a plastic seat and a mesh backrest, are also suitable for outdoors.

Proving that elderly care chairs need not be stuffy is Jehs + Laub’s visually light ‘Shrimp’, a wide chair with slanting, solid wooden legs and a comfortably moulded plywood seat that is also stackable. Paul Nederend’s ‘Pile chair’ for Odesi is a rounded, friendly and comfortably upholstered seat supported by a base constructed from thick wooden poles, which also support armrests.

Lastly, even a design classic, such as David Rowland’s stacking, 1964 ‘40/4 armchair in upholstery’ for HOWE, with its light-weight steel-rod structure, slim, upholstered seat and backrests and armrests, is suitable as an elderly care chair.

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