With the proliferation of computers into office work, designers were met with a new challenge: integrating the novel technology into an existing workstation. The solution is a CPU-holder, an indispensable accessory which holds the central processing unit (the computer) safely in its place, usually underneath the desktop.

An excellent example of this is CBS’s ‘Loop’, a minimal, easy-to-install, broad strap which is attached to a desk’s underside and holds the CPU in place. Another solution is Swedstyle’s ‘Concept Flex PC holder’, an L shaped metal shelf whose open end is also suspended from a textile strap. Systemtronic’s ‘Cpust C’ CPU-holder, on the other hand, is an all-round metal compartment.

Bosse Design’s ‘Bosse CPU Trolley’ is exactly what it says, a small trolley that holds the CPU and can be wheeled around in case the workstation is being moved, or the area underneath the desk needs to be cleaned.

Since laptops are increasingly being used in the workplace, Tomas Svensson designs ‘TwistIT’ CPU-holder for Götessons, a very narrow L-shaped shelf, where a user can strap in his or her laptop, but which can also be rotated into a horizontal position, and function as a small side table or a desk extension.

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