Children's beds

Children’s beds are an essential part of any nursery. After all, plenty of rest is needed to counterbalance kids’ vigorous play in order to safeguard their healthy development. The products featured in this selection are all made of wood, which is not only a traditional, child-friendly material, but a natural, sustainable and renewable resource.

Of course, the type of a children’s bed depends much on the child which will sleep in it. For toddlers, look to Nana Ditzel’s ‘Lulu’, a classic, Danish, midcentury design. This understated cradle features a rocking mechanism and is mounted on castors, ensuring comfort for the child and practicality for the caretaker.

Beds for older children are often designed to be multifunctional or space-saving, as they are only used for hours at a time anyway. ‘ Bedsofa S501-45’ by Kuopion Woodi is an excellent example, and serves as a tiny sofa when not used for sleeping. Another option by the same manufacturer is ‘ Bunk bed L504’, a children’s bunk bed. Another solution is ‘Bunk bed L508’, which, despite its name, is actually a stacking bed; or the aptly named ‘Foldable bunk bed VK500UT’, a set of two children's beds that fold into a neat, wall-mounted compartment.

Lastly, Niko Kralj’s ‘Rex Children’s Daybed beech natural’, manufactured by Rex Kralj, is a children’s bed with a moulded plywood surface and folding legs, and can function either as a bed when a mattress is added, or as a small bench without.

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