Bar service trolleys

Many bar service trolleys are specifically designed as showpieces for bars, and are used to transport larger quantities of food and drink during more formal occasions.

For instance, Gunilla Allard’s ‘Cargo Castro’ for Lammhults is an elegant, rectangular bar service trolley with a slender, chromed steel structure, leather-clad handles, two glass shelves and two marble trays on the top. The same collaboration also produced the ‘Chicago Trolley’, a taller, circular design, once again featuring a slender, steel frame and glass shelves.

Formally similar, O&M Design’s ‘Orbis serving trolley’ is a more relaxed, oval design, with more pronounced joints. All these bar service trolleys are wholly open, and proudly display their contents. To add a bit of mystery, one can turn to Verner Panton’s ‘Barboy Black | Table’ or ‘Barboy White | Table’, produced by Verpan, a closed, plywood cylinder segmented into three parts, two of which can swivel out to reveal the secrets within.

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