Aura products

Aura Incorporated has developed various and new materials to mainly construct the stores' interiors and others. We have researched those new materials according to three ideas such as applying the leading edge and special materials and the techniques, applying the traditional materials and the techniques, and combining the leading edge and special materials, the techniques and the traditional materials and the techniques.
Those materials have produced many prototypes and experienced many researches with patience having taken time. However, the lives of commercial establishments, especially for drinking, eating and selling goods in Japan, are short. Many materials having been produced with the patient care also have gone away within several years with the short lives of those interiors in establishments mentioned above. In those contradictive circumstances, Aura developed the Aura Collections, which have used the newborn materials for our daily lives, based on the purpose to share our high quality materials with many of you for long. In the materials development processes by Aura, we have developed our products, not just for the superficial decorations such as the beauty and the novelty, but for the effective exploitation of the precious resources on earth, and the traditional techniques (intelligence), which people have acquired them for a long time. We have produced our materials emphasizing the high quality.
In the selection of Aura Collections considering the development of our materials and techniques for the daily goods, we aim to develop our products that can include the universal value, in other words, we aim to develop our products with long lives for several decades in the products' markets. We determine our products' development from the various viewpoints such as the materials, the techniques and the design. From the point of the design, 70% of our collections had been designed in 1950s and 1960s, and then, we selected and reprinted the ..


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