Solisombra families

Although the company as such started business in 2008, the owner embarked upon this project with the backing of a solid expertise and the organizational skills acquired over the course of her fifteen years of professional experience, mainly within the business group that her father founded, whose management she was intensely involved in and committed to. During this time she acquired knowledge and skills that have been extremely valuable for this subsequent stage as an entrepreneur, such as factory management and the operation of each department, sales and relations with foreign subsidiaries, the task of managing teams, carrying out product quality studies and acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the materials employed, as well as R+D+i, human resources management and logistics. The family business focused on highly demanding industrial technology sectors, and because of this, the founder of Solisombra has a special inclination towards the world of design, innovation and modernity. These interests led her to take the step to create her own company within a sector in which her ample experience could be put to use and in which there would also be room for creativity, beauty and art, launching a line of the company’s own products, chiefly oriented towards creating elements that enable us to enjoy nature.
In line with this approach the trade name Solisombra was registered. Solisombra is, a play on the words “sun and shade”, and also the name of a well-known Spanish cocktail, but above all it reflects the main objective of the project: a concept of interiors and exteriors as one whole, without separations or discriminatory considerations. To achieve this goal, not only does she have the firm backing and support of her family and friends but is also surrounded by a team of senior professionals and young talents with managerial skills as well as experts in the transformation and production of the different materials that are used in the end ..


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