La Castellamonte collections

Tradition is a starting point...
In the history of Castellamonte lives the presence of a “red thread” that has united countless genera¬tions: it is the continuity in the processing of clay, natural raw material, that has always been used for the realization of functional and decorative objects. Roberto Perino and Silvana Neri, are the owners of R. P. Castellamonte, which has been producing ar¬tistic handicrafts for many years and has obtained, in 2001, the prestigious “Piedmont Handicraft Award of Excellence”. The firm has been able to preserve the ancient working techniques, and use them to create high quality handiwork, reinterpret¬ing and adapting them to the renewed demands of a modern human existence. So were born the ceramic stoves, produced under the brand La Cas¬tellamonte, in which experience from tradition and innovative technology are united, in full respect of environment and safety.
Silvana Neri and Roberto Perino have given life to “La Castellamonte”, working together since the middle of the Eighties. Today, their brand produces charming and technologically advanced stoves, able to tell the Castellamonte stove tradition and its evolution. “La Castellamonte” stoves furnish and warm up the house and they especially reveals themselves as art manufacts, produced with care, expertise and handicraft skills. So, in Silvana and Roberto’s factory in Castellamonte, unique stoves come to life, defined by the most various shapes and colours and conceived to be efficient, safe and attractive.


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