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magnetoplan, known as ‘the original’ among visual communication tools, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in its sector.
Being a successful company with tradition we feel obliged to improve continuously and adapt our portfolio to new demands of the market. With our innovative product lines, such as magnetoplan ergonomics - ergonomic equipment in unique design -, easyboard by magnetoplan - the multi-functional whiteboard combining analogue and digital working techniques - as well as the newly designed product range evolution plus we offer one-of-a-kind product design in traditional magnetoplan quality with sophisticated, innovative functionalities which facilitate your work.
We are also committed to our staff for whom we invest in education and training. Furthermore we have joined the German “Success Factor Family” company programme, in order to provide our staff with the best possible support in balancing work and family life. For many years, we have been dedicated to ensuring that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity within our company. We consider it our duty that we produce many of our products with disabled employees, offering them a possibility to be an active part in our society. In spite of this it was a logical step for us to be the founder of the “Inclusive Learning Environment” working group. Aiming at doing everything needed to offer the same chances for disabled persons to access education. In everything we do we focus on ecological sustainability. We take part in an audit certifying our ecological friendly management.
With magnetoplan you are working with the worldwide oldest manufacturer and full range supplier of visual communication products.
More than 120 patent- and protection rights are prove of our innovation leadership and are the fundament of our good brand reputation and high popularity. ..


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