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Seminar Board one-piece version
Seminar Boards
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* One-piece system board, size: 1200 x 1500 mm (W x H)

* Natural cork: 7,8 kg

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magnetoplan Seminar Boards evolution plus, one piece version/foldable

Good design combines function and aesthetics. What does a successful presentation need? A presenter who is convincing and presents things in an attractive way. Just like evolution plus. Technology that is convincing and presents things in an attractive way.

Certainly, preparation is important. First-class visualisation is more important, as we know at magnetoplan. Because we are aware of this, it was possible to operate our presentation boards with ease and they were able to speak for themselves for many years. And we have optimised design and function with evolution plus.

To put it simply: handling is now even easier. Our presentation boards can be freely adjusted from the ground up to a height of two metres ten. One of many additional functions for the successful presentation, for the success of our customers.

Seminar boards with high-quality frames made from anodised aluminium: with stable corner angles, rounded at the edges, made from light grey ABS plastic, incl. magnetoplan logo:

* High-quality, double-sided surfaces to choose between: blue felt, grey felt, natural cork or white cardboard
* With newly developed, retractable feet made from light grey plastic, incl. lockable rollers (also for use on carpets and laminate)
* Due to the elegant, new light grey knob, the height of the board can be freely adjusted up to 2.10 m and thus adapts to the size of the person giving the presentation or the respective working situation
* Boards can also be lowered to the ground for space-saving storage
* Can be hung on the wall rail with special brackets
* Can be retrofitted with a flipchart holder, side arms and a marker tray that can be used on either side
* Simple assembly without tools