Newsletter 09.2010

Dear Readers,

London, Valencia, Kortrijk - autumn is awash with fairs across Europe.

Architonic will be at Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk, as well as at Orgatec in Cologne, with its Concept Space III. And, following an unforgettable premiere at imm cologne, the Architonic Disco will be opening its doors once again at the King Georg. We'd be delighted to see you there.

"Flexible Working" is one of the banners under which this year's Orgatec, the leading international design fair for the office and work environments, takes place. In advance of this, we'd like to show you some successful projects that engage with this idea.

We also offer you a few impressions of what this year's Design Biennale Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk has in store.

Cersaie in Bologna is one of the most important international ceramic-tile and bathroom fairs. In our preview, we've put together a selection of novelties from some of the most preeminent manufacturers.

Let yourself be inspired!

Your Architonic Team

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We Can Work It Out
Design and mobile working
    We Can Work It Out  
Swiss Airlines' award-winning first-class cabin, developed by renowned transport designers Priestman Goode, features generously sized desks for those passengers of a more industrious inclination
October sees the 2010 installment of Orgatec in Cologne, the leading international design fair for office and work environments. In spite of the death knell being sounded some time ago for the traditional, fixed-location office, it's still with us. Nonetheless, increasing numbers of people, thanks to rapid advances in wireless technology, are breaking free from their desks and taking to the road, working wherever they happen to pitch up. Architonic takes a look at a number of environments and products that respond - and further - this social trend.
Reminiscent of a Joe Colombo design piece, Patricia Terrazas and Michael Svane's 'Four Works' armchair/desk/light/storage for Danish label Four Design provides a complete and independent workspace
Do you have one yet? The new iPhone, that is? As someone who doesn't even possess an old one, I'm not going to start rhapsodising about this new piece of kit's amazing capabilities - although I am an admirer of what British industrial designer Jonathan Ive has done at Apple during his time there as design chief. The formal language he has developed for the company's products - whose visual and tactile beauty has recast our relationship with things electronic, making it a lot more of an emotional one - has been likened to that of design legend Dieter Rams's work and quite rightly so.
Designer Tim Vinke imagines his mobile office's ideal user as 'a starting entrepreneur, without a fixed location'.

Apple's latest offering serves to remind us not only of the pace at which digital technology is changing, but also of the social effects of such change. One activity that most of us engage with on a regular, if not almost daily, basis, and which has undergone a technology-driven shift in the way it operates is that of work. The increased availability and performance of mobile-communication channels and ways of sharing data have served to trouble the idea of the office as a fixed, physical location, housing a team of workers.

Yet, in spite of a number of Cassandras heralding the death of the office over the past few years, it doesn't look like we're quite ready yet to give up on concept of work involving to a large extent a static, geographically locatable space. The advent of instant global connectivity (or, rather, the illusion that it's instantaneous) notwithstanding, there is still currency in notion that a singular, shared space somehow reflects a unity of organisational vision.
Design Biennale Interieur 2010, Kortrijk, Belgium
Fair Preview
    Design Biennale Interieur 2010, Kortrijk, Belgium  
Architecten de vylder vinck tallieu were commissioned to design the interior concept for Interieur 2010 and have created 'mirror morrir on the wall', a series of rooms whose walls mirror themselves
If any fair is going to give Milan a run for its money in terms of a passion for high-end design and downright coolness, it's Belgian Design Biennale Interieur. Since its first edition in 1968, the Kortrijk-based show has consistently upped the ante in the design-exhibition world and Interieur 2010 is no different. Here's a taste of what's in store.

1968 will be forever associated with a rapidly shifting political and social landscape in the West. This was also the year that the first Design Biennale Interieur was held in Kortrijk, Belgium, which is somehow fitting, given the event's commitment from the start to the cultural significance of design, beyond its commercial value. 2010 sees the presentation of the design fair's 22nd edition, and its theme this time round, 'The New World', proves that Kortrijk, in its future-gazing, is still taking an interrogative stance.
Young Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, who studied under Kazuyo Sejima (of Pritzker Prize-winning architectural office SANAA) and who works at the interface between technology, architecture and engineering, is Interieur 2010's Guest of Honour
Architonic invites you to the Interieur 2010 After Party
As online media partner for the Interieur 2010 After Party, hosted by Limited Edition, 2TEC2 and Frame Magazine, we'd like to invite you to the D-Hotel on 16 October.
The hotel is formed of an old windmill, farmhouse and a new build by Govaert en Vanhoutte Architects. The suites are designed by Matali Crasset, Nedda El Asmar, Fabian van Severen and Edouard Vermeulen.
  Architonic invites to the Interieur 2010 After Party
Cersaie - Bologna's International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings
28 September - 2 October 2010
    Cersaie - Bologna's International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings,  
Ex.t presents a new selection of versatile objects which reach beyond the confines of the bathroom
From 28 September to 2 October 2010 one of the major international trade fairs for ceramic tiles and bathrooms will be taking place in Bologna. However, Cersaie is much more than a simple trade fair. It has now become an important forum for planners and architects, offering a comprehensive accompanying programme which includes a range of symposia and lectures. Bologna, the university city at the foot of the Apennines and nicknamed "la grassa" because of the wealth of its culinary resources, is the home of tortellini, Bolognese sauce and mortadella. In addition Bologna is easily accessible because the city has excellent transport links. Another famous feature is Bologna's arcades, which stretch for 36 km and are worth a long walk through the city - for those whose feet are not already sore from trekking around the area of 176,000 m² covered by the Cersaie exhibition.
Luca Nicchettos collection "Kaos" for Refin

Architonic has taken an advance look at a number of outstanding manufacturers at Cersaie 2010 for you and provides an overview of this gigantic show below.
Ceramiche Refin is located not far from Bologna. Designers Massimiliano Adami and Luca Nichetto have designed two of the Refin tile collections which are on show at Cersaie and make a strong impression not just aesthetically but also by their technical innovation and the quality of their materials.
Architonic Disco at the King Georg
THE insider venue at this year's Orgatec in Cologne
This year's Architonic Concept Space III will make its last three appearances at Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk (Hall 1, between Stands 108 and 118), at Orgatec in Cologne (Hall 9, Stand A70-B71) and at Designers' Saturday in Langenthal, Switzerland. We'd, of course, be delighted to see you at at least one of these.

Following the brilliant Architonic Disco at this year's imm cologne, we said to ourselves "Why change a good thing?". So we're opening the doors to the famous, or rather infamous, King Georg once again for three nights, to welcome our friends and colleagues who are going to be at Orgatec.
We warmly invite you to join us every evening from Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 October at the King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2 (near Ebertplatz). Entry is €10 and, if the venue is at capacity, only possible with an invitation. Register here for your personal invitation at no cost.
New Projects from 'Architecture & Design'
  New Projects from 'Architecture & Design'  
Ostasskati, photo by Indrikis Sturmanis
Staufer & Hasler Architekten
Sommerhaus auf dem Seerücken, photo by Roland Bernath, Zurich
Paul Kaloustian Architect
MYU restaurant/bar, photo with courtesy of Paul Kaloustian
Studio Tractor Architecture
TWG Law Loft, photo by Chuck Choi
JKMM Architects
New City Library
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Picnic, plants, architecture - the fascinating world of Junya Ishigami
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One of today's most outstanding architects has been selected as the Guest of Honour at Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Junya Ishigami, a pupil of Kazuyo Sejima, is the founder of junya.ishigami+associates, lecturer at the Tokyo University of Science, publisher of a number of books and creator of artistic marvels which fascinate with their wealth of fantasy and devotion to detail...

The Presence of Absence: Detroit's haunting architectural relics

There's faded grandeur. And then there's Detroit. Once the fourth-largest city in the US, its spectacular economic and social decline is writ large in the disintegration of its architectural fabric. With its former manufacturing industries decimated and parts of downtown Detroit becoming a depopulated wasteland, leading American photographer Sean Hemmerle has created 'Rust Belt' a series of compelling images - at times poetic, at others unnerving - of the city's former urban glory, both industrial and residential.