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studio mk27
Marcio Kogan
Al. Tietê, 505, SP 04616-001 Sao Paulo, Brazil
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studio mk27
Marcio Kogan, Architect

Architect, born in the marvelous city of São Paulo, graduated in 1976 from FAU-Mackenzie, movie director until the age of 30 and in the end, opted for architecture. Principal projects: Du Plessis House (ASBEA Award and Record House 2004), Gama-Issa House (ASBEA Award and short list World Architecture Award 2002), BR House (IAB Award 2004 and Record House 2005), Mirindibas House, Hotel Fasano (short list Wallpaper Design Award 2005), Museum of Microbiology (IAB Award 2002) and recently 2 houses in Spain, one in Alabama, a Vila in Milan, and the disarranged Micasa Vol._B Store. In 2007 and 2008 received 10 international awards, among them Biennial International Barbara Cappochin in Padova, Italy with the Micasa Vol_B Project and the Yellow Pencil from the D&AD Award, London and Dedalo Minosse, Vicenza, Italy with Primetime Nursery and his most recent Awarded Project, Paraty House received the and the LEAF Awards, in Berlin, in 2009.


Studio mk27 was founded at the beginning of the 1980Ês by Marcio Kogan, an architect graduated from Mackenzie University in 1976, and today is formed by 12 more architects, as well as collaborators located in various parts of the world. The architects of the studio develop the projects from start to finish, and co-sign their authorship. Recently, the office has won several international awards, such as: Record House, in 2004 and 2005, the D&AD "Yellow Pencil" in 2008 and 2009, the Dedalo Minosse in 2008 and the Barbara Cappochin of the Padova International Biennial in 2007, besides important Brazilian ones, such as 12 awards from the IAB and the most recent: Wallpaper Design Awards in 2010. The architectural projects of studiomk27 highly values formal simplicity, always taking great care in the details and finishing. Marcio Kogan and the team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernist generation, strive to undertake the difficult mission of giving continuity to this line of production.

A team carefully gathered by Marcio Kogan work closely to design the exhaustingly elaborated details and the execution drawings. From the simplest project to an extremely high-end mansion, everything is thought out on the drawing board. The studio is specialized in hautecouture residences and its architecture is seen through a wide-screen lens always seeking to create surprising spaces and emotions.