The Capital showroom reminds of hospitality and elegance with its contemporary design collection.

The luxurious, sensuous space reflects conventional concepts of the company. This mono-brand showroom is conceived as an ‘immersive interior studio to be used as a creative paradise for architects, designers and dreamers alike’, and takes visitors on a journey, where to discover all textile and material suggestions.

The story of the company began more than 40 years ago, thanks to its president Paolo Viscovich, and since then has gained experience in the indoor and outdoor furniture. Today Alberto and Federico Viscovich, the children, lead successfully the Company, blending specific technical expertise and know-how, with an approach in absolute harmony with social and economic changes of this era. The Italian brand first location is in Milano Design City, a fitting space to show its new products, as well as a full lifestyle vision.

The showroom has been conceived as a real private residence, with wall papers, you walk through different rooms of the domestic environment: entrance, studio, dining and living area, bedrooms. The year 2021 signed a sort of debut for exhibitions and building space in the neighborhood of Via Tortona, which will be animated by a rich calendar of meetings and special events. It's a concept close to a showroom-apartment, on the ground floor there are armchairs, beds, and a living area that hosts the entire collection.

Tortona, 37 Street – Milan
Building 4, Stair A, Ground Floor
9.30 am | 6.30 pm

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