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Fanø tells a story of the creative connections that realised a client’s dream of a sand-dune retreat in the Danish archipelago. Completed in March 2018, Tollgård designed the interiors alongside renowned architect Knud Holscher.

The red thread – or design DNA - was the visual and visceral connection with a uniquely Danish landscape. Architecturally, the simple and beautiful construction coexists harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and neighbouring structures. Internally; comfortable, functional minimalism allows the clients to enjoy every space to its fullest and detach from city life. The minimal, poetic palette of the 300sqm summer house was curated to reflect and lionise the raw beauty of the dunes and seascape beyond, while taking the demands of family life into account. The continuous use of a robust, textured tiles enlarge the inter-connected spaces and ensures fitness for purpose. Exposed brickwork on the chimney breast expresses the Scandinavian tenet of truth to materials. Together with Copenhagen-based atelier KBH, pieces of functional sculptures were executed in solid oak to link spaces and encourage family connections through shared pursuits. Furniture was chosen from Danish heroes past and present to delight through design and laid out to promote the power of personal connections.

Fanø is a place to decompress, to connect with nature, to spend time with family and friends: to look out at the bigger, more important picture. These were the client’s hopes and dreams for their sand-dune retreat. The amount of time they are drawn back to it is testimony to its success.


Knud Holscher

Interior designer:

Staffan Tollgård Design Group


Best Interior Design Scheme, Europe: The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

Silver Award, One-off Homes, WIN Awards 2019

Prodotti utilizzati

Prodotti utilizzati

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