The triangular condition of the site allowed us to extrude an inner core to create a courtyard with apartments on both sides. Located in the Condesa neigborhood, this triangle is sorrounded by the streets Pachuca, Veracruz and Agustín Melgar. It has the well known “Condesa Buildings” in front of it and its singularity lies in the diagonals of its shape in front of a roundabout that distributes the circulation of three avenues of the area.

With separate entrances per unit directly from the street, this assembly becomes airtight mixing orthogonal walls by street level with oblique elements by the sections.

Inside, internal courtyards and patios create a small open block center simulating an urban nucleus with identity and gradual escape points from any of its sides. In such a way, it assumes the guidelines of its figure to replicate amorphous geometries in walls as well as in windows and decks.