1970s Apartment Renovation. Located in Foz do Douro, Porto. The project aimed to enhance the unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean, increasing the permeability between the interior and exterior, through wide windows with full opening. The intensive use of the wood in the interior floors and ceilings and in the exterior walls and floors was based on a nautical inspiration provided by the location.

The apartment has two floors and the program foresaw a social area, a kitchen and two bedrooms, the shape and layout of all interior spaces has been modified. The two bedrooms were placed on the lower floor and the social area on the top floor with open view to the sea. The social area was modeled with three spaces: the living room, the kitchen and the balcony.

The division between the living room and the kitchen was realized with shutters, allowing a total opening between the two spaces, making them when desired an open space. The separation between the room and the balcony was made through wide tri-rail windows and a loose fireplace was introduced at the border of the two spaces, which can rotate in all directions, being an additional element of convergence between the interior and exterior.

dEMM arquitectura

Isabela Almeida Neves | Diana Fernandes Silva