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Over the years, the pershinghall has undergone several changes. For its renovation in 2001, Andrée Putman redesigned the spaces with the grace for which she is known. In 2005, Imaad Rahmouni added to it the spirit of Mediterranean materials, where red rhymes with Murano and where light, colour and matter combine to create cosy, delicate and vibrant atmospheres. Behind its discreet facade, the living areas are laid out around a patio open to the sky in which a garden rises more than 30 metres vertically above it. This garden contains more than 300 species of trees and shrubs, plants from the Philippines, the Himalayas and the Amazon. This feat is the work of Patrick Blanc, the famous botanist and creator of the Mur Végétal, who designed one of the facades of the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.
The pershinghall is more than a hotel, it is a place of encounters, meetings and events, simultaneously public and private .The quiet and reserved atmosphere of the morning changes throughout the day to become glamorous and trendy at dinner and in the evening.

Design team:

Andrée Putman

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