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This is a simple drinking fountain with rectangular cast iron geometry and a brass sprout for instalment individually, in a group, in alignment or embedded into a wall. It is a pleasantly-shaped and timeless unit with the classic design of an ornamental fountain.

Like most elements designed by the architects Enric Batlle and Joan Roig, the Atlántida fountain is designed using simple architectural shapes. It is a unit whose presence draws us closer to images known for the clarity of their idea and for their pleasant and docile shapes while, at the same time, it is noteworthy for its robust presence.

It is an original discretely-shaped fountain and is distinguished from any unit designed to date. It is a geometrically-rectangular cast iron monolith with a standard push button brass spout. The drain is a rectangular cast iron grid the geometry of which allows for additional varying compositions, evoking in form the movement of the waters.

This fountain arose from the need to make elements which had not existed until then for the parks and gardens which Enric Batlle and Joan Roig have been planning for since the 1980s: «We wanted a simple drinking fountain that could be leant on or could stand alone in the middle of open spaces. A fountain of cast iron, like those of the last century, but without the historical connotations they normally have. In short, we were after simplicity ».

FG-22 grey cast iron monolith and grid with protection by cataphoresis and a coat of black forged Oxiron paint. The grid is supported on a heat-galvanised steel frame. The one-inch ZAS model sprout is in cast brass. It is supplied in two parts, one of which is the monolith with the sprout, and the other is as many grids as may be required. Instructions are included with the fountain assembly. The fountain is embedded 10 cm into the ground using bolts. The grid rests on the metal frame level with the ground and is the same size as the water collection manhole. Only normal tap maintenance is needed.

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