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Nenúfar 2
Joan Gaspar
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Lampade a sospens...-Illuminazione generale
Lampade a sospensione-Lampade a LED
Lampade LED-Lampade a sospensione LED

Descrizione del prodotto

LED 18W 24V 2700K* 1400lm
*3000oK 7W on request

Linea del Prodotto


The outcome of designer’s arduous quest to create a fixture that seems to float on air, the Nenúfar takes its name and its delicate shape from the water lily. The Nenúfar is a cluster of pendants, based on LED technology, made up of several discs connected by the same stem, but separated from each other in a way that the beams emitted by the different elements are not broken by the lowest component, which also projects its ray of light downwards. The result is a strong, uniform, direct beam that emerges beneath the discs of an item that is midway between decorative and architectural, and can be applied to both purposes with ease. Sober and well finished, the Nenúfar utilizes top-quality materials and the power of LED to radiate an exquisite luminosity and create warm, welcoming atmospheres. This fixture is in its element installed in a series — creating areas lit at different heights and with various combinations of discs — or on its own as a surprising, well balanced and subdued centerpiece. Choose from one, two, or three white or black discs supported by a polished chrome stem.

New this year, the lamps come in groups of 3, 5, 7 or 9 units to ease installation.