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Smap Modular Public Lighting System
Lamp Lighting
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Illuminazione per esterni-Lampade spot
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Arredo urbano-Illuminazione stradale

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The new SMAP (Spanish acronym for Sistema Modular de Alumbrado Público) urban lighting system, as its name implies, is characterised by being a Modular Public Lighting System. It is not a separate luminaire, quite the opposite, but rather a light point system where luminaires and columns are harmonically integrated. There is a wide range of columns, with different shapes, heights and finishes, which enable creating an endless number of types of light points where the optical groups can be individually installed or combined together guaranteeing a high level of visual comfort.

As for technical features, it is characterised by its IP65, models with street and flood optics and a hinge-joint that allows for directing the light flow and preventing light contamination and intrusive light. The power threshold ranges from 35 to 150W with high-pressure halide and sodium lamps and comes in Class I and Class II versions.

Its contemporary design, efficiency and adaptability, make the SMAP Modular Public Lighting System the ideal solution for urban, street and residential lighting.