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Floor stoneware tile SF301
Floor stoneware tile SF301
Golem GmbH
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Dimensions: ca. 17 x 17 x 1,3 cm
Availability: about 8 Weeks

Unmatched ceramic floor tiles.
Our multi-coloured encaustic decorated stoneware tiles are produced by hand and followed by firing at a high temperature. During the firing process the clay vitrifies. Our stoneware floor tiles are nearly undestructible.
The scratch resistance surpass granit, they are acid and frost proof, the absorbtion of water is lower then 0,3 %, so they are frost-proof, slip rating R10 for high risk slip areas in public buildings. These tiles are suitable for areas where heavy pedestrian traffic is prevalent. Inside and outside All tiles have square edges, thereby it´s possible to lay them with small joints. The joint should have a maximum width of 3 millimetre.
The colour of the pattern is solid to a thickness of approx. 4 mm. The producing of multi coloured floortiles happend overhead in a filling template witch looks like a form to press cookies, a form of endwise vertical sheet steel in the pattern of the tile. So you get differend divided fields to fill with the appropriate coloured claypowder, without mixing. After filling you pull out the template.The dividing line gets ist grany character. The loose powder is hydraulicaly compressed and then fired in the kiln. The result is a tile witch is not to exceed in its beauty and physicals properties. These tiles become ever more beautiful by use. We revived this ancient technology. Tiled surfaces should be washed down using either clean water or a nonabrasive, neutral (i.e. not acidic or alkaline) detergent. Dry off and polish with a clean dry cloth. Stonware floor tiles are inured to all dirt but hot oil. For the kitchen we advice a sealing e.g. Lithofin.
Another focus ist the reproduction of floor tiles true to original as the are often needed to complete old entrances by retrofitting and restoring. Ask for a quotation of your spezial needed ceramic.