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Miguel Herranz
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Lampade a sospens...-Illuminazione generale
Lampad...-Lampade a sospensione in plastica

Descrizione del prodotto

Lampada a sospensione prodotta in poliuretano iniettato levigato e dipinta in bianco opaco. Possiede uno specchio al centro che copre la fonte di luce fluorescente. Cavo tessile bianco.

60 x 60 cm. H max 214,5 cm

Fluor. 55W (GRY10q-3)


This collection, designed by Miguel Herranz, plays with the parabola effect to project light, whilst setting its curved reflector within a square shape, making it more adaptable to different settings. Parábola has rounded corners, creating geometric balance and softening the overall effect.
It has a mirror in the middle which shields the 55W fluorescent bulb from view and prevents glare. The mirror is not there to provide a looking glass but rather to create another dimension to the space surrounding the lamp. Its reflective nature creates the feeling of depth in a space, and its position in the centre of the lamp creates a circle of light. The result is an attractive interplay of reflections and lights.
Parábola measures 60 x 60 cm. Because of its large size, architectural nature and its technical look, it is particularly suited to commercial premises although it also integrates well into the home. Miguel Herranz designed it as a wall lamp because the amount of light it emits is ideal for this function. Although the light output would be lower, Parábola can also be fitted as a ceiling or suspension lamp, to create ambient lighting.