Informazioni Essenziali

Neo Orbital Titanium 60x60
Architonic ID:
Rivestimenti-Piastrelle per pareti

Descrizione del prodotto

60 x 60 cm
23 1/2" x 23 1/2" inch

Varianti del Prodotto


The Neo project -through-body porcelain body- combines one of the latest visual looks, a unique leather pattern, with metallic finishes that are more and more in vogue today.

The Neo project is an exclusive product. It offers an innovative new vision of metal compared with other rival products.

The Neo project has been adapted to fit in with the latest ideas in design, based on a style that goes beyond pure minimalism by opening up new decorative and neo-decorative horizons.

Its name brings to mind the idea of transformation or evolution, while its smooth, silky surface seems to combine a contrasting sensation of heat and cold.

All these characteristics give Neo a high design appeal, suitable for use by architects and in interior design.

The tiles have a semi-polished finish. In other words, they have been lightly polished to achieve a unique shine.

The edges of the tiles are rectified, giving wall and floor surfaces a uniform look.

The tiles are thicker than normal in order to achieve a greater mechanical resistance. This makes them less likely to break, allowing them to withstand heavy traffic.

The series comes in a wide variety of formats and colours with an extensive choice of decors, ensuring a multiplicity of combinations. This, plus its large formats in keeping with the latest trends in ceramic tiles, allows for the creation of personalized settings.