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Universal Appeal: new religious projects

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Amidst fluctuations in today’s religious landscape, architects are designing sacred spaces that remain open to their surroundings, communities and the present age.

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In Flux: Dornbracht

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


For the introduction of Vaia, its new series of fittings, the German premium manufacturer DORNBRACHT has joined forces with Rafael de Cárdenas and Neri & Hu to realise two extremely inspired and inspiring bathroom design environments.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2017 AZ Awards

AZ Awards


Winners and finalists flew in from as far away as Poland and China to attend the celebration at Toronto’s iconic Evergreen Brick Works, where the results of Azure’s seventh annual AZ Awards competition were announced on June 23 in the presence of

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Material Tendencies: Neri & Hu

Anita Hackethal


A city does not have a future without culture. So says Lyndon Neri, founding partner of Shanghai-based architectural-design practice Neri & Hu, in a recent conversation with Architonic.

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Retail Detail: 10 outstanding store designs – Part II

Christian Kuhn


Shopping can be addictive. This we know. Which is why we're presenting our second installment of some of the best recently completed retail-design projects from across the globe.

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Flagship Enterprise

Dominic Lutyens


It may sound paradoxical, but corporate store architecture today strives to be as individualistic as possible. This is partly due to necessity. Like many booksellers, high-end fashion labels are fending off fierce competition from online retailers.

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Architecture in Ascendance: innovative staircase design

Dominic Lutyens


Staircases are overdetermined things. A highly functional element in the internal circulation of a building, they are also laden with cultural and psychological symbolism. We may live in the age of the lift and escalator, but this hasn’t stopped

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Sleeping Around: contemporary hotel design checks in

Simon Keane-Cowell


With an increase in international travel predicted for 2013, on the heels of a rebound for hoteliers last year, the hotel industry is looking more than ever for ways to make the visitor experience a memorable and profitable one. Enter striking

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