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The building of light

Metalarte is a company that has defined its personality through the co-existence of the new and the traditional. Applying Yin and Yang to production has resulted in the possibility of maintaining a cata-logue that balances the future and the past. A tradition that began a workshop at Madrazo Street in Barcelona, continued at Riera de Sant Miquel, subsequently ending up at a factory located in Sant Joan Despí

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Material Tendencies: Jaime Hayon

Anita Hackethal


Jaime Hayon likes to tell stories. Decorative and playful, but in a subtle way, his work reflects his curiosity and joy, informed by an approach that might be described as somewhat whimsical.

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New lamps by Jaime Hayón



Jaime Hayón’s work has transcended the barriers between two worlds that have always been apart: art and design.

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The Panamá collection is an outdoor lighting system that consists of two column heights and a wall bracket.

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