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Alma matters: new university buildings

Alyn Griffiths


Like their students, universities are investing in their futures – calling on architects for long-lasting buildings that will not only promote flexible working, community interaction and new approaches to learning, but also function as highly

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Constructive Thinking: new school architecture

Simon Keane-Cowell


Architects get clever, designing innovative and inspiring school environments that change the way students move, think and feel.

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The Mile-High Club

Klaus Leuschel


Ever since Norman Foster's game-changing Stansted Airport was completed almost 25 years ago, it's been full throttle for London's high-tech architects, with their aviation-celebrating terminals around the globe themselves been celebrated for their

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Klaus Leuschel


‘The people did not like St Paul’s. They were against the Eiffel Tower. They liked neither the Sydney Opera House nor the Centre Pompidou. But today, millions of photos of these buildings are sent around the world via e-mail and by phone.’ (Jan

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