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How to create a cosy winter-ready interior

James Wormald


As our personal energy use becomes an even hotter topic, here’s how to transform those hard-to-heat open-plan spaces into cosy hibernation nests until spring.

An Open and Shut Case

Dominic Lutyens


Beyond their utilitarian function, windows and doors set up an emotional expectation on the part of visitors as to what they'll encounter within a building, while, at the same time, negotiating the relation that users inside have with the exterior


ECLISSE 40 – the innovation of flush doors

Storia del Marchio



Re-imagining the humble door frame as contemporary interior design, ECLISSE's 40-degree sunken frames turn doorways into special features, or allow them to blend in. Watch the video to learn more…

Hidden talents: Eclisse

Storia del Marchio

Emma Moore


With sophisticated, innovative technology concealed behind minimalist exterior designs, Italian door-system specialist Eclisse is a perennial favourite with architects.

Let it slide: Eclisse

Storia del Marchio

Emma Moore


In Lombardy, a residential renovation sees walls and doors become one thanks to Eclisse’s Syntesis® collection…

Life begins at 40: Eclisse

Storia del Marchio

Emma Moore


The ADI DESIGN INDEX 2020 opens this month at Milan's ADI Design Museum – with the Eclisse 40 system part of the show.

In the frame: Eclisse

Storia del Marchio

Emma Moore


The Eclisse 40 frame system opens the doors to more expressive design statements.

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