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Sharing is caring: DAUPHIN

Mareile Morawietz


Car- and bicycle-sharing services are nothing new, but how about chair-sharing? Enter DAUPHIN's Stilo ES modular office chair, which takes the concept a step further.

Architonic Story: DAUPHIN



Dauphin’s Fiore and Stilo ES chairs provide smart, colourful solutions for modern workspaces that, more and more, look to promote sharing and flexibility. Watch to find out more…

Balancing act: to-swift from TRENDOFFICE

Markus Hieke


Offices today increasingly radiate energy, agility and fun. Witness Trendoffice’s new ‘to-swift’ stool, which lets users stand-up and sit-down all at once.

Think inside the box: BOSSELINO

Markus Hieke


Contemporary open-plan workspaces are perfect for creativity and collaboration, but for those times when you need to take a step back, there’s bosselino.

Light my Fiore: DAUPHIN

Markus Hieke


Flexible workspaces call for flexible furniture. When it comes to office chairs, they don’t come much more flexible and fun than Fiore.

Micro management: Dauphin

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Dauphin’s new Fiore chair collection has an invisible USP – an antimicrobial MicroSilver finish that is effective against bacterial infection and other micro-organisms.


Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Tradition obliges us to reinvent ourselves again and again. At Züco, German designer Rüdiger Schaack is just the man for the job.

Sea change: Dauphin Reefs

Katharina Sommer


With its new Reefs collection, German office-furniture manufacturer DAUPHIN provides planners with a flexible, modular tool that transforms open spaces in the workplace into a multifunctional infrastructure for working, exchanging and relaxing.

Pleased to seat you: Dauphin "1000 classic"

Norbert Philipp


In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the German office furniture manufacturer DAUPHIN is launching a re-edition of its cleverly functional, well-thought out and contextually versatile classic office chair "Modell 1000".

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