reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based office acting as architects, educators and researchers: Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung. The office work covers theory, education, building, curatorial collaborations, exhibitions, installations, publications, academic research and architectural projects. reinhardt_jung’s work has been exhibited in Europe and Australia in an architectural and artistic contexts. Their practice-based and entrepreneurial pursuits are grounds for exploratory investigation, for prototyping and conceptual transfer from which research-practice-business collaborations emerge. reinhardt_jung are regularly producers and collaborators of international projects integrating urbanism, architecture and installation art. reinhardt_jung understand the process of architecture as teamwork with students and colleagues, with clients and builders. The development of progressive spatial constructions, new modes of inhabiation, the integration of cultural and social aspects, the rethinking of architectural procedures are our field of interest and expertise.

Alexander Jung was trained as a draftsman before graduating in architecture and receiving a postgraduate degree of Städelschule Frankfurt. Jung worked internationally on architecture projects, in Italy, Gremany and the Netherlands, amongst others for UN Studio/ Van Berkel and Bos as a project architect on UFCCI Manhattan, Almere Expo 2001, and Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart. Jung received the Taut-Preis, the famous distinction of the BDA Germany, in 2002.

Dagmar Reinhardt received a postgraduate degree of Conceptual Design from Städelschule
Frankfurt (University of Fine Arts), where she taught with Ben van Berkel, Peter Cook, Enric Miralles and Mark Wigley. Reinhardt has been the Studio Leader of the Master of Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney, where she is currently completing Ph.D. research that investigates designing duration in contemporary fashion and architecture and focuses on dynamic surface and spatial strategies. This work is supported by an IPA and IPRS scholarship from the University of Sydney.


2007 turkish embassy, Berlin
Team: Alexander Jung for DBN, Darmstadt- Frankfurt
2007 living, Wiesbaden-Dotzheim
Team: Dagmar Reinhardt for Deustch Architekten, Frankfurt
2005 sydney harbour, Darling Harbour, Sydney
Team: reinhardt_jung, Olivia Hyde, Tom Rivard
2005 the picknickers, Canberra, Australia
Material: Canvas, Acrylics, Oil-pens
2002 H0 223/ fallerhaus upgrade, ACS, Frankfurt
Team: reinhardt_jung, Olivia Hyde, Tom Rivard
2002 ozeanarium, Stralsund
Team: Alexander Jung, Florian Neumann


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LINK http:// others/colloquy/issue9/reinhardt.pdf.
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2008 particle chandelier
Team: reinhardt_jung with friends
Material: Acrylics, Sensor- and Computer Technlogy, Lights
2006 trivet fields, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney
Team: reinhardt_jung with Joanne Jakovich
and Phil Granger
Material: Acrylics, Sensor- and Computer Technlogy, Lights
2006 stadtlandfluss, Westhafen, Frankfurt Main
Team: reinhardt_jung with frankfurterraum and Raumartisten, Hafen Frankfurt Managementgesellschaft,
Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt e.V, Feuerwehr Frankfurt a.M
Material: Fireboat, Dampfeisenbahn, Building
2006d light [geschmacklicht], Frankfurt am Main, Nordend
Team: reinhardt_jung with
Stephan Wanner, Michael Bartels, Cornelia Wabnitz
Material: 7 Course Projection Cycle
2005 codes/signs, Gallery Medium Rare, Redfern, Sydney
Material: Canvas, Acrylics, Oil-pens
2004 kaufhaut, Zeil, Frankfurt Main
Client: Galeria Kaufhof
Team: reinhardt_jung with frankfurterraum
Dagmar Reinhardt, Alexander Jung, Forian Neumann
Consultants: Skudi - Optix, Berlin
Material: Music, Lightprojection
2003 hoeren, Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt Main
Team: Werkstätten des Hesischen Rundfunk
Material: Hardboard, Blueprints, Lights, Steelframe
2003 bodybuildings, Architektenkammer Sachsen/ Dresden
2001 bodybuildings, DAM, Frankfurt
Material: Drawings, Movie, Objects, Models
2000 game [10 moves, Dundee,Glasgow, London, Frankfurt
Material: Drawings, Objects,Models
1999 Tatoo Parlour, Offenbach, Main
Material: Drawings, Objects
1998 re: villa savoye, 1822 Gallery, Frankfurt
Material: Drawings, Models
1998 moving westwards, Portikus, Frankfurt
Material: Drawings, Objects,Models