POSTFOSSIL is a collective of emerging designers, founded in 2007, which creates objects for the home, thinking about the postfossil reality and putting their objects into the context of resource scarcity. The use of environmentally friendly and renewable resources is only the basis; POSTFOSSIL takes it to the next level: fossil does not only stand for energy sources but also for social behaviour patterns. That’s where the initiators start.

The POSTFOSSIL collections aspire to longevity and ecological compatibility, and are just as unconventional as they are practical, eliminating habits, and allowing them to resurface elsewhere.

The application of objects for the home is being defined in a new way; they become involved in everyday life and require a re-think of everyday actions and established values. In short: the objects by POSTFOSSIL require the user to engage actively with them. The resulting relationship is the first step in the responsible handling of resources.

Anna Blattert
Christine Birkhoven
Daniel Gafner
Claudia Heiniger
Thomas Walde