Contrasts are very much in play in the works of Danish textile designer Pernille Holm. Her works embodies a dynamic dualism - inherent contradictions, - clearly reflected in her expressive and personal fabrics.

Melting deep inspiration from nature's abundance with an affection and affinity for the world's cultural diversity, Pernille Holm has created a unique and very personal design universe, in which she channels her impressions of the world through vibrant, electrifying fabrics.

Her work is executed with a razor sharp focus, without letting forgo of the freedom of experimentation. She works tirelessly to ensure inclusion of an organic expression, and to create a soft and tactile connection between exterior and interior impressions of space and sensations.

Pernille Holm effortlessly masters many different working techniques and she has a strong, intuitive feel for the substance and the inherent potential of her materials. This enables her to venture fearlessly into experimentation and is she never afraid of using unconventional materials, such as sand, stone or broken glass in her fabrics.

The result is always a very personal and organic expression, one that contains a fascinating sensuality, without necessarily trading away elements of the tightly controlled and the contemporary.