OLIGO is a synonym for modern lighting technology adding comfort to our lives and efficiency to production processes. The name stands for two companies - OLIGO Lichttechnik from Hennef and OLIGO surface controls from Lenzen, Germany. Common leitmotif of both companies is the passion for light.
OLIGO, a German company with more than 200 employees, is one of the most innovative companies in the lighting technology sector. We produce single luminaires alongside a wide range of system luminaires. OLIGO light solutions not only impress with their modern efficiency, but also with the paramount light quality. Architects, engineers and constructors appreciate the filigree aesthetics and the outstanding quality standards of OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH.
As a specialist for innovative lighting technology OLIGO surface controls develops visual and digital quality control systems for high-precision colourmatching and surface control. Leading companies from automobile, steel, furniture, polymer, ceramics and paper industries rely on these cutting edge quality control solutions. OLIGO surface controls measuring and testing units help to identify quality defaults at an early stage and minimize any potential follow-up costs.
Further information on OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH available at: www.oligo.de