Flowood answers the call of basic human desires, the need for warmth, shelter and tranquillity. Our vision brings the sheer force and pure beauty of nature directly into the realm of experience inside the home. Sustainability and ecological responsibilty are second nature to us. Flowood epitomizes the combination of contemporary design and the aboriginal natural sensation of wood inside the bathroom.

Today's bathroom is no longer merely a place of personal hygiene. We withdraw there for relaxation, restoration and wellness. The bathroom has matured into a representative living area. An alcove pivoting on human well-being. It demands special attention to design and materials. We rely on one of the most primordeal and pristine materials in order to address that need.

In 2011, looking back on more than a decade of development, Flowood opens a new chapter: High-quality form-retaining materials with extraordinary grain, conveying dynamic vivacity and wooden softness. Ground-breaking, innovative finishing procedures. The unique velvet feel and silky shine of wood. An unfolding contemporary language of nature inspired shapes.

Unique and individual materials and shapes render each Flowood sink with a distinct personality. Flowood sinks are not merely wooden lavatories. They are an expression of a new way of living.