A new concept in flooring
Born out of a union between design and industry, Energía Natural results from the need for the parquet market to move forward.
Joan Lao, designer and creator of trends, and Hervás, as one of the leading brands in the industry, have come up with an innovative product: designer flooring.

Nature and time as sources of inspiration
In his collection, the parquet reflects the natural wear and tear of Wood caused by the elements over time, reminiscent of the colours and textures taken on by Wood in nature itself. A symphony of color and touch that turns parquet flooring into a truly natural carpet.

Heath and Wellbeing
Concern for health is one of the mainstays of the Energia Natural collection. Contact between skin and Wood produces positive effects in the body, creating a state of spiritual tranquility that is highly beneficial fo human beings. Wood also reduces sound, acts as termal insulation and softens impacts.

Responsible consumption
Energía Natural is a collection that puts people first and the company second. It is designed and produced according to resposible consumption.

Ecology and sustainability
Wood retains CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to meet the needs of our own generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The Wood used in Energía Natual comes from sustainably managed woods, with 100% solid water-borne lacquers and according to the ISO14000 standard.
The Energía Natual collection, designed and produced in Spain.

Colours and Textures
10 Colours:
Decolorado blanco, decolorado gris, gris plata claro, gris plata oscuro, gris claro, gris oscuro, canaleto, decapado, ceniza and colina.
4 Textures:
Erosion, corte, liso and decapado.

Board Measurement
2190 mm x 210 mm in one piece

MH Parquets y Tarimas
MH Parquets y Tarimas, founded in Sigüenza, Guadalajara-Spain, by Mariano Hervás 40 years ago and currently run by his sons, Pedro and Javier Hervás, is one of the leading brands in parquet production and has become one of the foremost companies in the sector, currently exporting 5% of its production to the rest of Europe.

Over these four decades, MH Parquets y Tarimas has implemented the most modern techniques, investing in R&D in order to stay ahead of markets demand but always remembering its essence and craft, inculcated by the founder and passed down to his offspring.

One of the company’s differentials is its concern for sustainability. Proof of this is the acknowledgement it has received, leading the field at both a national and European level and being awarded the PEFC “Chain of Custody” certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). In 2005 it was also given the Sustainable Development” award from the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations of Guadalajara.