Dynamobel, leading manufacturer of office furniture and chairs in Spain, started in 1960 when the Troyas family founded Manufacturas Jevit S.A., with a factory of only 100 m2. From the beginning they based their manufacturing strategy on the transformation of metals, achieving a leading position in the market of school furniture. After an exhaustive market study they took the decision to move into the office chair market due to the similarity that exists between the production processes of the new product: transformation of sheet metal, steel tubes and wood.

The differentiation in product type with respect to the existing manufacturers in the market along with its domination of the production methods allowed Dynamobel to consolidate itself as the leading national office chair manufacturer in 1985, a position that it has maintained until now.

The increasing complexity and internationalisation of the market forced Dynamobel into introducing in the field of office furniture in 1989. To achieve this they embarked on an ambitious investment project to acquire factory buildings and production means. The manufacturing of office furniture began in 1990 and now there are many corporations in every sector that have backed the products from Dynamobel.

« Cargo », by group8 , studio’s offices, 2010