Attika have been working with fire on an intensive basis for 25 years now and in this time have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of fireplaces. We are constantly investing time and money in the development of new products and techniques to ensure our fireplaces maintain their outstanding quality. We are also always on the look out for ways in which to improve our products and broaden our range. Attika fireplaces have received design awards in Germany as well as in the USA. They are trademark protected in order to protect our unique design. In addition to trademark protection, individual models also have further specific protection granted. Our products are manufactured in the latest workshops equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This ensures our fireplaces are produced with the utmost precision. Our main markets include Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, USA and Belgium. We aim to impress customers and fulfil their requirements for fire and heat in the home.

attika - fireplaces for today's world.

We are a dynamic team of thirty. All staff work according to a set strategy with clear targets and designated roles. Our customers include building chiefs, architects and specialist traders who insist on working only with staff that possess the relevant knowledge and that can be flexible when necessary. We place great importance on providing each individual customer with competent advice and information. Why not see for yourself by calling in to look around our extensive showrooms or telephoning us? We will be glad to help you out and provide the relevant advice to suit your personal requirements.

Founding of AC Cheminéeofen AG.
After intensive market research, becomes representative for two other companies and starts to develop own models. 2 staff members

Growing interest in coal fireplace ovens in Switzerland as result of AC Cheminéeofen AG. 7 members of staff

Kachel-Design AG founded

SCALA freestanding fireplace/stove developed employing new type of burn technology.

AC develops own line of steel fireplace/stoves. This is produced in Denmark.
First sales activities in Germany

KD becomes representative of RAIS for Switzerland, Germany and Austria. 16 staff members and 3 apprentices

attika develops own range Topolino developed in cooperation with external designers and with support of Bundesamt für Energiewirtschaft (Federal Office for Energy) in conjunction with Energie 2000 project.

Prolog Ofen GmbH founded in Baden/Bitburg, Germany as site for final stage development and logistics for export markets.

Takeover of RAIS A/S (Denmark) with 65 members of staff

Start of collaboration with Messina Metall Design AG (Finland); manufacturer of Parabol, Tower and Janus.

Companies AC and KD merge to become ATTIKA FEUER AG.

ATTIKA FEUER AG becomes market leader for main markets. 30 staff members and 3 apprentices.

20th anniversary of ATTIKA FEUER AG

Moved to Cham into the new company headquarters.

Q-BIC was awarded a prize for excellent design in the DESIGN PLUS competition and was nominated for the 2004 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Introduction of mock fires electric

GEO wins the 2005 reddot design award and is nominated for the 2006 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. On the occasion of the Swissbau trade fair in Basel, we present a innovation for the market: Gas fire for the home.

Jubiläum 25 Jahre ATTIKA FEUER AG
Mit Tochtergesellschaften sind insgesamt 150 Mitarbeiter für ATTIKA tätig.

Die X-Serie wird mit dem reddot design award (winner 2007) ausgezeichnet und für den Designpreis 2008 der Bundesrepublik Deutschland nominiert.

Einführung von Cheminée-Einsätze, die eine beinahe rahmenlose Glaseinfassung haben.

Zum zweiten Mal hat Attika in Atlanta (USA) den ersten Preis bei den Holzöfen gewonnen. OPUS wurde zum Vesta Award Winner 2008, PILAR zum Vesta Award Winner 2009 gekürt. Design und Technik wurden als innovativ und herausragend beurteilt.

DeLIGHT© - Outdoor-Gasfeuer: die neue Kollektion für den Garten und die Terrasse

Seit 30 Jahren innovativ rund um die Feuerkultur. Heute kümmern sich 130 Mitarbeitende um unsere Feuerstellen in Premiumqualität. a t t i k a - Fortschritt aus Leidenschaft.