Wöhr is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems in Europe. For almost 60 years now, since the number of cars on the roads began to increase, Wöhr has been designing and installing parking systems. And because we specialize in just parking systems, Wöhr today is the company with the most extensive product range worldwide. With over 470.000 parking places installed, 35.000 of these alone in the Far East, the reliability and safety of Wöhr systems speaks for itself.

Innovations brought to market by Wöhr such as the Combilift, Parksafe and Flurparker systems, are an emblem of creativity and engineering knowhow.

Quality always was and remains for us the top priority.

Today, this means additional registration and certification according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001.
We also have an efficient customer service with blanket coverage providing a fast service and affordable maintenance costs.
In today's world where the population and the number of cars is on the increase, while our own living space shrinks and becomes ever more precious, there is only one logical solution to the growing lack of space in our homes and at our workplace:
We compact parking space.