Resin leading the way in interior design is the ultimate goal of Teknai Srl, a company that specialises in the manufacture and laying of floorings and coverings made of resin, a top-performing material. The company uses an innovative production process, to the delight of architects and designers. Resin has infinite potential in terms of colour ranges and artistic effects, allowing custom applications to suit the
particular setting .
As well as handling the production side of things, Teknai has it s own team of qualified resin-laying experts who attend professional training courses held by Teknai engineers. This emphasis on product, laying and training enables Teknai to guarantee the superior quality of it s products. The company has distributors all over the world and develops projects jointly with some of today ’s leading architects and

The resins made by Teknai are the result of continuous research and testing, plus lengthy experience in laying this kind of material, which has enabled the company to develop various product lines suitable for all types of application. Teknai bases its resin production process on technological innovation and environmental protection, devoting immense financial and human resources to these aspects. Teknai also conducts research on aesthetic features and compositions. The company is fully committed to testing new solutions for interior design and has created revolutionary new applications, decoration techniques and installations.
Teknai’s propensity for innovation means it is now a benchmark in the use of resins in the building industry. Fully guaranteed materials, numerous technical solutions, a wide range of finishes and pain staking laying contribute to a superior quality in stalation of exceptional stability , resistance and durability. Teknai ® is the ideal supplier for those who seek in resin a top performing material an d a combination of an exclusive solution, quality an d reliability.